Elegance Tours and Travel has reserved the right to determine the refund amount to the customers. There will be no refund offered to the client if, he/she has not availed or utilised the services which were enlisted in the tour package. In any case, Elegance Tours and Travel is not liable if any loss, damage or extra cost got applied to the client for any reason whatsoever.


The refund amount will be determined based on various factors like the cancellation policies of the third party (hotels, airfare, transportation), the number of participants, etc. the refund determined by the Elegance Tours and Travel will be final and will be made available to the client.


If the refund is made to the client, then it will be directly paid to them. It will take a minimum of 30 to 40 days to refund the amount to the client after applying for a refund.

If the client wants to cancel their booking and raise concern for the refund, then he/she can directly contact us and talk with our trip manager. The customer of Elegance Tours and Travel can get different types of refund options:


Any other alternative tour offered by Elegance Tours and Travel

Continue the previously booked tour as an amended or altered tour

Get cancellation amount refunded after deduction of various types of services like Visa, travel insurance, ticket voiding charges and other overhead charges which will be applicable during the procedure of cancellation.

The Elegance Tours and Travel will decide the full and final settlement. Elegance Tours and Travel will not be liable to pay for any loss of the client damages, or any interest or additional charge. By agreeing with the terms and conditions of Elegance Tours and Travel, customers will not be entitled to make any grievance or any claim after that in any respect of the same.


In any case, the client has accepted to have an amended tour then he/she needs to pay the additional charge of the trip if applicable to the Elegance Tours and Travel. The customers have no right to file a case against Elegance Tours and Travel regarding any refund amount.


The refunded amount will even be considered among the taxation scale which is set under GST. The Elegance Tours and Travel decision will be the final verdict in any refund scenario. While booking tour with Elegance Tours and Travel, it is advised to the clients to must go through the refund policies of the company which will help the customers to get clarified about the doubts regarding refund on cancellation or re-scheduling.