You are instructed to go through the term and conditions of Elegance Tours and Travel carefully. You should not proceed for the further steps of purchasing if you are not agreed with our sets of term and conditions.

In all the section, ‘us’, ‘we’, ‘our’ indicates about Elegance Tours and Travel, and in all the section where ‘you’, ‘them’, ‘he/she’, ‘his/her’ is mentioned it is referring to our client and customers. When we here refer to the third party it means travel related information providers and services from various sectors like Visa counselors, passport verification authorities, other government agencies like DGCA, railways, airlines, cruises, theme parks, hotels, tour operators, transportation and logistics authorities, caterers, car rental operators, courier companies, foreign exchange dealers, tour operators, restaurants, etc.

If you are making a booking or purchase on behalf of any other person, then he/she will be bound with all the term and conditions of Elegance Tours and Travel. Concerning the checklist provided by us, it needs to be signed by the client which makes them fall under the jurisdiction of Elegance Tours and Travel term and conditions.

Prices which are listed on our website may get changed without any notice. Prices will be final once the client booked/purchased the package from us and the relevant ticket gets issued. Prices might get changes according to the outside reasons which affect the cost of services.

Elegance Tours and Travel has the right to recover the additional charges which were made during the process of foreign exchange, change in the price of commodities like fuel, loans for holiday booking, etc. Even Elegance Tours and Travel has full right to correct the price if misprinted anywhere.

While we will be fulfilling the procedure of booking, we need a certain amount which is to be deposited by you in advance. That particular amount will be non-refundable and interest-free. Final payment should be made as per the verdict of our travel agent. Depending on the season and availability of offer the booking amount may vary without any prior notice to our client. Furthermore, the final amount will be concluded by Elegance Tours and Travel advisor and tour scheduler(operator).

Elegance Tours and Travel has full right to recover the cancellation amount if any changes occur in your holiday planning. All the transaction will be made considering GST, wherever applicable. By signing the terms and conditions of Elegance Tours and Travel, the client accepts all the terms and conditions of Elegance Tours and Travel, and liable if any changes occurred.

Booking Cancellation Fee:- (Notice given for Cancellation Charge)

More than 45 Days

25% of total holiday cost


44-29 Days

35% of total holiday cost


28-14 Days

50% of total holiday cost


13-8 Days

75% of total holiday cost


7 Days or less

100% of total holiday cost


Note:- in case of any worst or Epidemic Situation, the cancellation will be charged accordingly to the Hotels, Flights and Land arrangement, Internationally, and will be taken care of according to there policies, and refunds will take0-45 days of time depends on the situation.


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